Would You Buy Your Home Again Connecticut

Would You Buy Your Home Again In Connecticut?

Buying a home is often an emotional decision; perhaps even more than a practical, financial decision. Real estate marketing has recognized this for decades which  is whu agents have emphasized curb appeal and staging to their clients. Open houses have featured the smell of fresh baked cookies and soothing music all in effort to appeal to the buyer's sense of home and comfort.

Many homeowners ponder this question, along with wetherthey can make adjustments via remodles or additions. The fact is that our tastes, needs and lifestyles change and evolve over time. The past few years have dramatically changed the way we look at our homes. More people than ever before now work from home. That cute cottage or condo might have been the perfect home base for evening and the weekend activities, but fall short of the ideal full-time work space.

On the other hand, some homeowners have realized that they have under utilized their property. During the pandemic, we saw home cooking, gardening and crafts boom. Yards have been redesigned to include vegetable beds and fruit trees. Kitchen remodels have emphasized cooking space and gathering areas for family.

For anyone who has lived in their home for 7+ years, it's natural to wonder if the property still suits their needs. Families grow and contract, lifestyles and jobs change and as life moves on, homeowners should periodically ask themselves if they would buy their current home today. 

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