Things to Consider before Buying a Rustic Hot Tub In Connecticut

Things to Consider before Buying a Rustic Hot Tub In Connecticut

The popularity of rustic décor has shifted the way we view home improvement and enhancements. The charm of reclaimed wood and cool natural stone adds a modern flair to the home without compromising warmth.

Over the past few years, wooden hot tubs have reemerged as a cost-effective sustainable option for backyard soaking that adds that rustic feel to the outdoor space. Before taking the plunge, here are a few things to consider when buying a wooden hot tub.

  • Size and Location - The size of the tub depends on one's preference, of course. Smaller tubs are more intimate and easier to place than larger ones. Choose a location with a firm foundation, as a fully-filled tub will be heavy. Remember to consider the view and any privacy needs when picking the location.
  • Wood Type -  Wood options include Spruce, Oak Larch and Red Cedar, each with advantages regarding durability, color and lifespan.
  • Heating System - The heating stove can be exterior, interior, or intergrated. Interior stoves take space within the tub while exterior or integrated heaters are placed outside. An interior stove needs more protection and maintenance, but tends to be the least expensive.
  • Maintenance - Unlike its in-ground counterparts, wooden hot tubs require careful maintenance. The wood needs proper care, and the stove and water area should be covered and insulated when not in use.

Wooden hot tubs have made a comeback as more and more homeowners search for design elements that add a classic look to their homes. Combining modern efficiency and rustic desgin, choosing the right tub will bring enjoyment to your outdoor space.

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