Showing Instructions and What They Mean In Connecticut

Showing Instructions and What They Mean In Connecticut

Making the decision to sell a home is just one of the many decisions that are made during the home selling process. Many first-time sellers assume that all listings are the same and it's just a function of picking a starting price. The fact is that there are many aspects of listing, but one of the most important is what kind of access you'll provide to the buyers and their agents.

It seems simple, right? Show the home and send an offer. But believe it or not there are many options for how you allow your home to be shown. Depending on your lifestyle and the valuables you have, the way you allow access is one way to safeguard your home. Here are some of the typical types of access:

Lockbox on Door - This allows the most access to agents. Normally accompanied by a request for a phone call. But then agents can see the home as needed.

Access with Phone Call -  In this case, the buyer agent must reach the agent or seller who will provide an unlock code for a single use.

By Appointment with Listing Agent - This asks that the buyer and seller agents coordinate so that the listing agent is in attendance.

Limited Access - This type of access often involves specific days or times, and the home is only available to see during those times.

Of course, the choice is always yours, but the more access you offer to the buyers and their agents, the better opportunity you have to get a strong offer. 


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