Prospect able to strike a deal shell out a for new fire

Prospect Able To Strike a Deal Shell out for new fire truck


Prospect Volunteer Fire Department will soon be welcoming a new apparatus to the floor. The fire department was able to secure a loan for $769,710. The demo with upgrades would come to $769,709. The department's current Squad 3 truck has an $85,000 trade-in value to bring the cost to $684,709. If they went to purchase as custom and add the necessary upgrades, the total cost would be close to $1million according to Lauber. The upgrades for this new truck will include adding compartment in the cabin of the truck for medical supplies, installation of snow chains for traction, adding a 360 degree rotating light tower, adding intake valves on both sides of the truck and moving control switches to the passenger side for the officer in charge to control lights and sirens according to Lauber. " I could not be more happy with the way this turned out. We always have the support from the town behind us and it allows our volunteers to have the safest equipment possible" Lauber said, 


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