Organuze Your Garage In Connecticut

Organize Your Garage In Connecticut

Don’t wait for spring to do some deep cleaning. Winter is coming and fall is a great time to prepare your home against the harsh winter conditions and hazards it can bring. A clean garage will not only help you store outdoor items from the cold, wet weather but can provide insight into your home’s condition.

Here are a few great reasons why you should clean out your garage this weekend:

• Organize Things You Need – Over the year, some things may have been moved or covered up. Find the tools you’ll need this winter such as snow shovels, tire chains, and winter clothing.

• Make Room for Cars – Snow, wind, and rain can be hard on cars. Winter is time to bring them into a weather-controlled environment. Since you don’t want them in your living room, the garage makes perfect sense.

• Uncover Problems – Often the first sign of a leaky roof is found in the garage, where ceilings don’t cover it up. Look for water leaks and other signs of damage that you may not notice in a cluttered garage.

• Check for Pests – Check for signs of pests. Rat droppings and termite infestations can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Deal with any infestations quickly before the cold weather forces them deeper into the home.

• Find Extra Space for the Family – When the weather turns, outdoor activities are limited. Cleaning the garage could offer a nice indoor space for hobbies during the cold winter months.

Turn your garage from a dirty storage area into usable space this weekend. A few hours devoted to clearing and cleaning will be worth the trouble when the cold winter months arrive

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