Moving With Teens- Helping Them Navigate In Connecticut

Moving with Teens – Helping Them Navigate In Connecticut

Moving can be a stressful time for families. While adults and young children can find it difficult to alter their routines, it can be especially difficult for teenaged children. The teen years are a confusing time anyway and when you add moving into the mix it can be even more difficult; changing schools, missing friends, new routines – it can be a lot. Helping your teenaged child navigate the move is never going to be easy but there are ways you can help.

  • Talk and Listen –  Probably this should be reversed, listen and then talk. Let your teen know you understand the difficulty and make sure they realize your reasons for moving.
  • Include Them in Choosing a Home – – Involve your teen in the home buying decision. Of course you should have the final say in the home, bringing them into the process provides ownership and you might find adds insight.
  • Visit Schools and Clubs –  One of the biggest challenges for any child is the changing of schools and losing friends. Before you make a buying decision, visit schools with your child to allow them give input

The most important aspect to moving with any child, especially a teen, is to include them in the conversation and as many decisions as possible and you’ll find the move easier for your teenager than you imagine.

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