Japandi- The Hottest Global Design Trend In Connecticut

Japandi - The Hottest Global Design Trend In Connecticut


Fusion restaurants have been blending various culinary tastes for years with exciting new dishes and flavors. Japandi may sound like the lastest dining fad bit it's the home design trend that's taking the world by storm. A careful merging of Scandinavian elements with Japanese lines, Japandi is making a strong appearance in home magazines and shows. 

Hygge and Wabi-Sabi


No, these aren't condiments for your California roll. Hygge is a Danish word meaning cozinees and emphasizes the use of natural materials in furniture and fabrics to add softness in line and feel. Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese design style that centers around the idea that something doesn't need to be perfect to be perfect to be beautiful. Imperfect shapes, lines and finishes can add a sense of well-being when used in room decor. 

Simple and Neutral

Central to the design of Japandi are spaces that embrace minimalism. Contrary to more traditional styling, a room does not need to be over- furnished to be cozy. Far from being austere, Japandi utilizes comfortable, utilitarian furniture that tends to be lower to the floor . Soft neutral tones blend from floor to ceiling and bright open floor plans allow the eye to move effortlessly from one space to another.

Japandi removes the eclectic patterns and boldness of recent years and replaces them with calm and inviting rooms in which to relax and unwind.


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