It's Still a Great Time To Sell In Connecticut

It's Still Great Time To Sell In Connecticut

Sellers all over the country are confused and worried they may have missed the best time to sell their home. Prices are dropping, mortgage rates are rising and pace has slowed but the impact on any individual seller is unclear.

While the days of any home selling for any price are behind us the current housing market market is still strong. The biggest hurdle for sellers is to avoid the feeling that they missed their chance to get top dollar. Yet many times the seller intends to buy again also; so while they may sell their home a little lower, they will also buy the new home a little lower as well.

ABC of Success

The ABC's to a successful sale are not complicated. They are the basics of home selling but if followed it will ensure a timely and profitable home sale.

A) Appreciation - When sellers hear this term, they normally think of the value of the home. During a challenging market, this kind of appreciation is to appreciate every buyer who wants to come by and every offer you receive takes them seriously.

B) Give in, Don't Dig in - Along with appreciation for offers view all the terms in the light of where you can give in or compromise. Be easy to work with and be reasonable.

C) Stop Comparing the House Next Door - Try not to be discouraged or angry if other homes are selling faster. You don't really know the reason; try to stay patient.

Buyers are excited about the slower market. This means that buyers are still buying. Sellers who get back to the basic ABCs can be successful and achieve their selling goals.

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