How To Survive Your Neighbor's Construction Project In Connecticut

How to Survive Your Neighbor's Construction Project In Connecticut

Any kind of construction project is loud and dirty. For homeowners starting their project, they have anticipation of the finished product to look forward to. But what if the project isn't your own but your neighbor's You have all the hassle with none of the excitement of the result. Having construction going on next door is never fun, but you can mitigate the negative aspects by following a few tips.

Talk to Your Neighbor, then Talk to the Contractor

In a perfect world, your neighbor will come to you first, but the isn't always the case. At the first sign of construction, get in touch with the owners and discuss the scope and timeframe of the project. Discuss any specific issues or occasions you have planned that the project could impact, such as family illness, new baby or backyard celebration

Noise and Dust

Plan to be away as much as possible during the project. Keep doors and windows closed to prevent particles from entering your home, that can cause health issues. Check with your local building department to understand the hours that a construction company can work and work with your neighbor to hold them accountable.

Finally, remember that this will end. You may need to live next door to the owner for years to come and maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors is more important than a few weeks of hassle. 

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