How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

How to Decorate Your Front Porch for Fall

Fall in love with fall all over again with these perfect porch decor ideas.

September 16, 2021

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For many, fall is the time to pretty up the front porch. Straw bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and mums will begin popping up around the neighborhood, and we're here for it. Here are some ways to make the most of your front porch this fall.

Get Cozy

Snuggle up your front porch by adding autumnal blankets and pillows to outdoor chairs, sofas and swings. Get creative with fall textures, patterns and colors until you get the perfect cozy combo.

Yasmin Murphy

What Would Mum Do?

For years, mums have been a fall front-porch staple and for good reason. They come in a variety of fall-tastic colors and are the perfect way to add that colorful pop that lasts all season long.

Yasmin Murphy

Fall in Love With Lanterns

Instead of turning on harsh overhead porch lights, opt for lanterns to achieve the perfect warm glow on those pristine fall nights. A couple of lanterns in varying sizes look beautiful with mini pumpkins dotted in between.

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Think Vertically

Vintage crates make for the perfect vertical display to add design depth and visual appeal to your front porch. Simply stack them up and scatter a few fall decor staples throughout the display.

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Swap Out Seasonal Planters

Once September comes, it is time to start thinking about swapping out your seasonal planters. There are plenty of beautiful fall foliage options, but if you are struggling to find one you love, you can’t go wrong with more mums.

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Rugs on Rugs on Rugs

Just like fall fashion, fall front-porch decor is all about layering. Add a warm, inviting look to your front door by layering rugs. We chose an elegant plaid pattern beneath a fun fall message for a double dose of autumn.

Yasmin Murphy

Take Your Decor to New Heights

If your decor is seeming a little one-dimensional, add height with straw bales. Simply flank your front door or walkway and place your decor pieces in front and on top of the bales for a more curated look.

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Throw a Scarf on It

When searching for the perfect fall patterns and textures to complete your front porch decor, look no further than your closet. Grab an oversized flannel scarf and drape it over your bales or around your pumpkins to add texture and depth.

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Dress Up Plastic Pots

Don’t waste your time repotting seasonal plants. It just isn’t worth it. Instead, slip those less-than-pretty plastic pots into charming wooden baskets and bask in the effortless beauty.

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Swap Seasonal Wreaths

No fall front door is complete without a seasonal wreath. Simply swapping out your summer wreath for something more autumnal will make a world of difference.

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Create Depth With Steps

If your home features steps leading up to your front porch, use them to your advantage. Create depth by stair-stepping your decor, mixing in various seasonal staples throughout.

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How to Craft an Over-The-Top Floral Pumpkin Arch for Fall

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Once autumn arrives, it seems that every magazine cover is plastered with the most over-the-top, beautiful fall displays. We’re talking giant arches over entryways with more pumpkins, gourds and fall foliage than your mind could muster up. They’re stunning, but they tend to be a little less than practical. Turns out, with a little DIY prowess, you can achieve the fall decor dreams you never thought possible! Watch the video below, then check out the step-by-step instructions to learn how to make a giant fall floral pumpkin arch you can enjoy all the way through Thanksgiving, then take apart and store for next year.

Watch + Learn: DIY Pumpkin Arch
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Materials Needed

  • PVC pipes and fittings
  • PVC cement
  • 90-degree PVC elbows
  • PVC tee fittings
  • PVC caps
  • PVC cutting tool
  • measuring tape
  • Dremel
  • faux gourds and pumpkins
  • faux fall foliage
  • Spanish moss
  • eye bolts
  • extra-large zip ties
  • small zip ties
  • chicken wire
  • wire cutters

Measure Entryway

Start by measuring your entryway’s width and height. Use these numbers to determine how much pipe you will need to buy. Be sure to account for the full height of where the bottom of the PVC will rest when buying supplies. We recommend using 2-inch PVC and fittings for strength.

Cassidy Garcia, Styling by Jill Tennant Design

Use PVC Pipe to Create Frame

Create the frame using the measurements you noted before. Use an assortment of lengths of pipe, 90-degree elbows and tee fittings to assemble the frame according to image shown here but modified to suit your home’s height and width. On the bottom, use a tee fitting to create lateral supports, then close off the ends using PVC caps. When assembling, use PVC cement anywhere you don’t intend to disassemble for storage. This will strengthen the structure but allow you to easily store the smaller pieces.

Pro Tip: If you have uneven ground or an otherwise unsuitable foundation, leave the bottom of the PVC open and drive rebar into the ground. Skip the lateral supports and instead position the PVC over the rebar to keep in place.

Attach to House

Once you’ve determined how to position the bottom of your arch’s frame, it’s time to attach the frame to your house. We used extra-large zip ties to fasten our PVC frame to the porch posts.

Create and Attach Decor Panels

Do your future self a favor by cutting chicken wire into sections that fit into storage bins (Image 1). Screw small eye bolts into faux pumpkins and gourds, then attach to the panels using zip ties (Images 2 + 3). When attaching larger pumpkins, first use a Dremel tool to cut the pumpkin in half, then attach both halves, turning one pumpkin into two! (Images 4 + 5). Fill in around the larger items using faux fall foliage and Spanish moss.

Attach Chicken Wire Panels

Attach each decor panel to the arch individually using zip ties for easy removal later (Image 1). Once attached, add a finished look by filling in any empty spots you see with more Spanish moss and faux foliage and placing large pumpkins around the bottom to cover the PVC frame (Image 2).

Admire Your Handiwork

Take a step back and take in the beauty of your fall-tastic, magazine-worthy porch.

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