Hill Top Corn Maze starting Sept 15th-Oct 27

Hill Top Corn Maze

Come and enjoy the most fun you’ll ever have getting lost this fall in the Hill Top Corn Maze!  Featuring 5 acres of towering corn and over 3 miles of pathways, the Corn Maze has a new challenging design each year with fun trivia questions throughout to help you reach the end.  A true labyrinth with no dead ends, our maze offers a confusingly delightful experience exciting and thrilling those seeking to find the one and only exit from the twists and turns of golden & green corn maze stalks!

Maze is open weekends from 11AM to 5PM starting September 15th

Admission: $8/person (children 2 and under are free) Outings and group visits: The Hill Top Corn Maze is a fun and unique venue for group visits, corporate events and team-building opportunities. Ask about the Pond Side Pines event space and maze packages! For more information, email us. Visit our FAQ page to answer all of your questions regarding the Hill Top Corn Maze.

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