Are You the Home Buyer Agents Secretly Avoid In Connecticut?

Are You the Home Buyer Agents Secretly Avoid In Connecticut

More than ever before, home buyers need help from their real estate agent. The market is evolving and working with a strong real estate agent has never been more important - for buyers and sellers. Your agent is your advocate and partner in the process. If you're stressed and difficult, it's natural they want to avoid you.

Learn to recognize the signs and stay out of the danger zone by recognizing these 5 home buyer styles that cause frustration for Agents.

1. The Confrontational Buyer  - Buying a home requires a certain amount of negotiations and gamesmanship, but not every aspect needs to be a flight.

2. The Good Cop/Bad Cop Buyer - Typically, this involves a husband and wife buyer team where one is reasonable and the other difficult, but it can also be one buyer who changes their approach from one extreme to the other.

3. The Last-Minute Bargainer Buyer - This buyer thinks they can get a better deal once they are far along in the process when no one wants to cancel.

4. The Bait-and-Switch Buyer - This buyer continually asks for more and more, each time with the promise that this is their final request. Each time the seller agrees, they find something else to request.

5. The Nervous Buyer - Yes, buying a home causes stress, but these buyers are paralyzed by indecision and panic.

Do you recognize any of these behaviors? If so, communicate with your agent about the real cause of your anxiety - buer heaven is a much better place to be. Let your agent help you find the home of your dreams.

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