Barn Doors- Is the Trend Over?

Barn Doors – Is the Trend Over?

For the past several years, it seems every design magazine or home décor center featured barn doors in Connecticut. These doors offered a warm, rustic charm to the space and offered a focal point for the home. As time went by, however, many designers and homeowners realized that these doors also had a downside: they did not muffle sounds.

Barn doors hang on an upper track and slide to the left or right as needed. As many people raced to be a part of this classic farmhouse décor trend, they were dismayed to find that they lost privacy, soundproofing, and the functionality of a closed door.

So, is the trend over? The initial trend may have passed, but the use of barn doors has been reimagined. Barn doors now come in a wide variety of colors and styles.

• Clear or frosted glass doors can separate a home office

• Sleek metal might camouflage appliances in a modern kitchen

• A simple panel design could provide access to a formal dining room

• Barn doors are also used in more functional ways, on entertainment consoles or shelving

Barn doors offer new options for creating or accenting various spaces in the home. By hanging on a simple track, they can be placed where other doors would require extensive construction alternations. They are lightweight and easy to install. The farmhouse style might be fading, but homeowners are finding creative ways to use barn doors; this versatile feature will likely be around for a long time.

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