Affordable Style Updates To Do This Weekend In Connecticut

Affordable Style Updates To Do This Weekend In Connecticut

Just because your budget is feeling the pinch with rising food energy costs doesn't mean style has to suffer. Ditch the big investment purchase ideas and try some simple updates that will charge the look and feel of any room quickly and for a lot less then a new couch.

Five Affordable Updates to do this Weekend

1. DIY Pastel Art - Freshen up your room with pastels without the big investment. Take a simple canvas from the cart store prime it with white paint and add color. Simple and sleek.

2. Industrial Retro Lighting - New light fixtures are a simple way to update a room. A local big box retailer will offer cost-effective versions of the latest trends.

3. White Sofa - No need to buy a new sofa when a fresh slipcover will do; bright, clean and easy to change when the cooler months come.

 4.Boho Accents - Mix up your style with some boho accents such as a Turkish rug runner or kilim = pillow.

5. Add Metallic Elements - Bold accents such as a brass side table or shiny silver vase, can perk up a room and modernize your lock. Watch for unusual shapes as well to add visual interest. 

Soaring inflation has put many home improvement plans on hold but your style doesn't need to stagnate. A few changes will give you spirits and your home a nice lift. 

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