5 Yard Design Fails Homeowners Make In Connecticut

5 Yard Design Fails Homeowners Make In Connecticut

Warmer weather is here, and homeowners are ready to get outdoors. Over the past decade, our yards have become an extension of our living space. But as spring fever takes over, avoid these mistakes that can derail the best of intentions and turn the yard into an epic failure.

5 Yard Design Fails Homeowner Make

1. Unrealistic Expectations - Expecting a picture-perfect yard at once can cause more damage than just disappointment. In a rush to get that lush ultimately strangling the plants and requiring replanting.

2. Using Indoor Items Outdoors - While it's trendy to mimic indoor living outside, such as kitchens and living spaces, one cannot simply take indoor sofas and wood tables are just a few examples of indoor items that will not last in an outdoor environment.

3. Not Protecting Materials - Backyards are not maintenance-free. Decks need to be re-stained or painted and furniture should be stored in extreme weather to increase longevity.

4. Ignoring Planting Guidance - Magazine and Pinterest photographs offer a multitude of pictures to inspire new gardeners, but these may not work for every yard. Planting sun-loving plants in the shade or vice versa is a recipe for disaster and will not create the beautiful garden desired.

5. Ignoring HOA Rules -  Before spending time and money on plants or trees, it's worth reading the fine print in HOA or community rules. These rules can be enforced, and no one wants to pay to remove landscaping that's non-compliant.

Everyone wants the perfect yard. With the arrival of warmer weather, every yard can offer fresh air living options if these design mistakes are avoided.

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