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Robert DiSapio: Your Home Town Real Estate Agent

 I am a customer service oriented real estate agent who helps homebuyers and sellers in Wolcott CT and surrounding towns and communities. If you're looking for an agent with patience, perseverance, and a passion for helping people, you've just found him!

 Following a Passion for Real Estate

 My passion for real estate started in my early years.  As a teen, I worked with my father, a carpenter by trade. I was drawn to the design and building process, and over the years have developed an in-depth understanding of home construction, design and function.

 For the past 35 years, I have enjoyed a successful career in the supermarket industry. From my early twenties to the present, I have developed and grown a family business in Wolcott. I have built a wonderful team of employees to service the needs of my town’s community. I can say that I chose real estate as a career path, but I think it’s more accurate to say that it chose me. My passion for real estate and my unique business experience allows me to use the customer service skills I acquired during my 35-year career in the retail industry. It also gives me a chance to serve the community I love. I've always been interested in real estate, and now I'm fortunate enough to do it for a living.

 What Makes Me Different from Other Agents

 You have a lot of agents to choose from when buying or selling a home, so why choose me? Here are some things that set me apart:

 § Service: I worked in retail management for 35 years, "Customer service" is more than a catchphrase to me -- it's a way of doing business. I strive to exceed my clients' expectations in all aspects of the real estate process, and to "wow" them with my service-oriented approach.

 § Coaching: Success in real estate starts with education. You have to understand the nuances of the local market, the dynamics of supply and demand, and how these things affect you as a buyer or seller. If you work with me, I'll make sure you are well informed at every step of the process so you can make smart decisions, because you deserve nothing less.

 § Contact: You'll have a lot of questions during your real estate transaction, everyone does. You deserve to know what is happening at all times, and what needs to happen in order to reach the finish line. If you choose me as your real estate agent, you'll enjoy constant interaction and communication. You'll always be in the know.

 §   A People-First Approach to Business: Some agents view real estate from an assetperspective, focusing solely on "bricks and mortar," dollars and cents. I have a different view. I see real estate as a people business, first and foremost. It's more than just a money transaction; it's about people, and their hopes and dreams.

 A Smoother, More Successful Real Estate Experience

 Buying or selling a home can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. It's particularly stressful for first-timers and those who have a short timeline. I know this firsthand, that's why I work extra hard to keep my clients informed, and to make the process as smooth as possible.

 Negotiations are a big part of the real estate process, and it's an area where I excel. I know how to negotiate in a non-adversarial fashion, to keep things on track and to avoid unnecessary hassles and hurdles. My main goal as a real estate agent is to help you achieve your goals.

 When I'm not helping my clients, I enjoy spending time on the lake, working out and reading. My true passions in life are my wife Janice, and our kids Julia, Marissa and Luke. As a man of faith I’m actively involved in my local church.

If you have any questions about my real estate services, or what I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you!